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Finding a place which has everything you need to buy, perform the activities for the day and simultaneously have all the fun the fun in the world certainly does leave one bright eyed and bushy tailed. With little time to spare for the regular guy or girl next door, having to squeeze out little time to even grab a bite for some is a luxury.

Retrospectively, the closest to gracing the entrance of a big shot mall was more of an imaginative stroll in movie malls. Supermarkets were the next biggest and more real alternative, but with limited stock of beverages and some few chewable and kitchen essentials, the fun ends there. Unless you want to buy fuel on your way out could be tagged as fun.



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On the fateful day of July 4th, 2008, Ghana and Africa was graced with the presence of one of the biggest malls in West Africa. The first large-scale shopping mall in Ghana was synonymous to an eclipse appearance. Indigenes literally turned tourists in their six inch heels and ‘Sunday’s best’ clothes to make their official debut and clamour for some accolade in arresting the moment with pictures.

For some, the fun and excitement associated with having so much to feast one’s eyes on left an eternal feeling of a never ending love story. Anchoring the mall were the likes of Shoprite, Game, Mr Price among others. The attention seemed unending, although it has receded with the subsiding waves and tide it still remains the peoples favourite. In the course of time, the likes of West Hills, Junction, Marina mall and the likes have definitely joined the train of remaining relevant.

The peak seasons for these malls are definitely on holidays, the overwhelmingly throng of people in these malls do of course break the counting machines. Fortunately for the mall conglomerates and its retail attendants, the perks of their towering presence isn’t just one of a beautiful edifice. How about we try a “jack of all trade and master of all” cliché? And trust that it works perfectly.

Interestingly, these malls encompass a community of provision where everything vital and an address to Maslow’s needs are catered for. From food courts offering sweet smelling and mouth-watering platter of assortment, to clothes from the likes of Mr Price, Shoprite’s own versatility in providing frozen product, pastries, to baby and kitchen products, appliances in other stores are the first point of call to anyone desiring to kill more than a bird with a stone of destination.

Children aren’t definitely left out of bouncing their way from their parents with colourful train of play at their courts. Albeit these malls have practically the same function and perhaps the same stores replicated, they attract their own audience who make it a point to spend pretty penny.

Celebrity artists and acts also cater for their audience in mini concerts held at these malls and debuting of movies at the cinemas of these malls. Undoubtedly, they are here and here to stay for a pretty long time sparing nothing in taking over the retail markets in the country.


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