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Injury prevention with Tiana Penitani

Tiana_BIGOver and above fierce competition, or a gruelling training schedule, one reality that many athletes fear and more than often have to face is injury.
In the second in our Learn & Share film series, we look at how one YOG athlete, Australian Rugby 7s captain Tiana Penitani, overcame a devastating injury to her acute crucial ligament to help her team to victory during this summer’s Nanjing 2014 YOG.

Hear Tiana’s inspiring story of how she overcame her injury and discover just how the IOC is helping athletes reduce their risk of injury by 50 per cent with the aid of a scientifically-developed injury-prevention app offering bespoke exercises built for the individual’s needs.

Download the Get Set app free for Android and iOS and tell us what you think.


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