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Your fastest and most authoritative link to the African Property Market
This is an African online home and property related publication devoted to projecting and promoting development in all sectors of the African economy most particularly in the area of Home and Commercial building, Real Estate, Building Infrastructure, Hospitality, oil, Home Finance and the entire property industry.

Editorial Focus
Property Express meets the challenges to online and printed media in the property industry by offering a quadruple-play route to the African Property Industry: printed magazine, online news, excellence awards for the property industry, specialist TV program and the interactive online-magazine. The African Home building and innovation show is recently added to our portfolio.

This careful balance of the strengths of each medium working with others is unique to us in the African Property Market. The printed resource the magazine provides an authoritative and an easy to read guide to the things that matter to the stakeholders in the property industry.

At the heart of each issue is a strong technical focus on a significant area of the building, hospitality and the travel industry. In Depth combines insights and reviews of recent project developments compiled by our property editors in Ghana, Nigeria, UK and invited technical articles by authoritative industry experts.

Articles are kept in specific pages to provide a busy reader with an introduction to each aspect of the topic. In most issues, we focus on two topics: one a class of technological innovations or products for the

building industry, development tools and other related techniques. The other market specifies, mortgages and applications, land issues, property listings, buyers and consumer guides.

Each edition is full of articles, interviews, property news reports ,photographs covering diverse properties, culture, healthy living, travel, tourism and development; above all it provides unique pictures of African property lifestyle. International Airline and distributed in the Anglophone African Countries particularly in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa and it is by all standards well distributed in Europe and the United States, Japan as well as in the United Kingdom.

www.propertyexpress.org - 24/7 Online Property Breaking News

The revised website provides a long- term reference resource for the property stakeholder. An archive of the printed magazine is supplemented by a complete set of consumer and buyer guides and extended version of the compact feature articles.

Specialist Seminars
A programme of seminars focuses on topics of immediate importance. Recent topics have included investment opportunities for today�s Africans in the Property Industry. Seminars provide a number of opportunities to reach focusedindividuals with a keen interest in the topic under discussion.

Features Planned
The 2011 features planned cover a wide range of topics, and may be adjusted to match changing news. We welcome contributions to these areas, but before investing too much effort; please send an abstract or a description of an idea to propertyexpress@btinternet.com

Features Synopsis
News features
Increased awareness through interviews and articles from technical experts by offering property and allied sector news, mortgage and financial analysis, travel and tourism information, investment opportunities and economic news especially on Africa.

Construction & Home
Security - Safety through accident avoidance in the construction sites, usage of tools at work and in your homes. The better use of home equipment like the swimming pools. Innovations Developments in the control fields include the use of higher- level of system design, implementation and management. The use of solar and architectural designs.

Online Property Magazine
For our latest edition of our magazines, please visit us on-line to read a copy of our online magazine.

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