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It should be noted, the fact that we say self building means self construction doesn’t mean you will be the one to draw your architectural plan, hold the trowel and lay the blocks; it means conceiving your idea of how you would want your building to look like or be like, and then, giving directions as to how you want it to be, for it to be done as such. However, if one happens to have a technical knowhow he can take part in the real building.

Under self building, the sole contraction of an expert or a constructional company is not employed.
When you want to do the building by yourself, you have to begin by planning. In other words, think of what goes into the project.

You must think of how to finance your project. You must prepare adequately. You can seek financial assistance from a financial institution or anybody who can grant you a loan.

Once you have enough funds, you must think of a desirable area, a conducive environment and buy your plot there. Make sure the land is a ligation free one and hasn’t been sold to multiple people.
Getting started, you should also make sure you have permit to build.
You are building by yourself-therefore you also have to think of how you are going to manage your project.

You can now start building. All needed materials must be provided for the hired contractor.
As you are not contracting a company for the building, know that you are the manager yourself- you must be visiting the site regularly to supervise, direct and guide them. Your visit should inspire and boost the morale of the people working on the project.

The kind of design you want for your project should be considered .There are variety of designs at your disposal. You should choose a design that you can afford to build ,looking at the components of such a design.This is because some designs for instance, are more complex and will consume let’s say, more cement than the order; where in actual sense, you cannot afford such intake of design by the design. Go for what you can afford and at the same time is of QUALITY. Quality should not be compromised.

You’re not relying on any professional expertise knowledge, but yours on how you want the building to look like. Therefore, you must be able to explain and direct your contracted technicians on the job as you want your work.

Make sure precautionary measures like fire and security measures are catered for. Make these features in the building so easy to be accessed where necessary. Emergency exits should be created to ensure safety in times of trouble.

Your decoration in the building be it interior or exterior is also another issue of choice since you are building on your own. You can choose colours of your interest for the decoration and, other appealing ones for the outside.

It should be borne in mind that you are doing all these to suit your own standard as you desire or for family reasons.
However, it must be done well.

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