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Mr. Samuel Osae, a building and construction lecturer at Koforidua Polytechnic, with a masters degree in Construction Project Management(Netherlands),explains RENOVATION AS THE RESTORATION OF THE BEAUTY OF YOUR BUILDING OR ANY CONSTRUCTED PROJECT.
The beauty restoration can either be on the outward appearance or the internal repairing and restoration of obsolete building components-he added.

The academician’s explanation is true; as it is buttressed by the simple definition the Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary (6th edition) gives to renovation. That ``TO REPAIR AND PAINT AN OLD BUILDING, A PIECE OF FURNITURE ETC.SO THAT IT IS IN GOOD CONDITION AGAIN``.
Let us stress REPAIR and GOOD CONDITION as used in the definition. You realized that it is the reason and objective of RENOVATION.

How best or how often do you think of renovating your building? Better still that project of yours as much as you thought of building it to its contemporary state? We are so much concerned with how to build-forgetting that, after building, days, months or years after if you don’t renovate as it wears, you will lose the desired features of your cherished building.

Walk on the streets of Accra, for instance, just any direction for thirty minutes. You will see those building that used to be the best in town two or three years ago, they are left to develop a will of its own because probably owners of it didn’t think renovation.

Take a look at your building or picture it. Does it need renovation? Have you thought of it but didn’t know how to get it start, or what does it? Well, that is why you need this article read to the last paragraph as it walks you through RENOVATION.

You must think of how to go about your renovation-that is the management of it. Here, you can either decide to renovate by yourself or contract a company or a firm that is into building and construction. A credible one for that matter.

If you are managing by yourself, you need to hire a contractor who will be on the site to supervise the renovation- be it a major or minor one. Whichever type you are doing-if managed by yourself, you must have the cost of covered, and quality, enough materials provided for the contractor to use. As part of your personal management, you must be around to do regular site checking although the hired contractor will be around to do monitoring. You should be there because the contractor is only hired due to the fact that you cannot mix say, mortar, but in actual in actual sense you are doing everything yourself. He goes by how you want it to be like.

You should be around to see if the renovation is done to plan. Your presence at the site even adds psychological morale to the contractor and other labourers.
Where you contract a company to do your renovation for you, they come with their own hired contractors to do the job. They come with their materials, unlike the self builder who must buy a bag of cement if it is needed.

In Ghana for instance, very few people, perhaps some companies would contract a company to do renovation for them.Majority of the people wish to do the management by themselves. They say it is expensive to contract a constructional firm.

Mr. Samuel Osae, the academician and a member of the Ghana Institute of Corporate Engineers advices all who want to renovate their project on renovational designs.
He says if you are thinking of renovation, you should consider if you want a major or minor one to decide which design your project takes. He has said, your FINANCIAL CAPABILITIES must influence your design when renovating.

According to him, if you think of adding an innovation and some new extensions but haven’t got money to finance a design that fits your renovated dream house, it is a waste. Mr. Osae says a major remolding will need an architectural design of your clients’ choice. Otherwise a simple renovation like fixing mosquito trapped net would not need any architectural design.
On design, you must have forecast. Know your financial status and ask yourself if the status can make you do it big or just a small renovation    is needed.

You must organize yourself. You should know the exact work to be done. For instance, if it is plastering, changing of roof, paintings that should be, and prepare towards.
Mr. Osae on planning, advices that, planning must be carefully done. This is because you will mess it up and you’ll get it all wrong. You may renovate alright but not to preference. Renovate to your preference and as far as your pocket can take you.

Do it any how and you will be stressed up in your own house.
Now, you’re planning and management is set, you know everything that will go into it. The actual work will soon start.

Have you taken it into consideration where you would stay if actual work starts?
If it is a minor one and you can stay in the building whiles work continuous throughout until it ends, fine, otherwise it be illogical to stay in the building whiles work continuous.

Your health and life is at risk –if you stay in the building and a major renovation goes on.
As we think of building, we must think of maintaining the building, too. We must think of maintaining it. If you build that is not all. Your ability to keep the shape and the beauty of the building in my view makes you a complete landlord.

I am sure you want to be a complete landlord? Then, think of RENOVATION.

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