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ROMANCE, anywhere heard or mentioned rings a bell or struck a chord; better still, touches a nerve positively.  Many have tried to spice up romance in so many ways; little did they know that how we decorate our rooms allures charm and attractiveness.  

The word romance in its ability to ring a bell in mind alone compels me not to tell you what it means again, as I know you have already put up some smiles reading on what your interior decoration can do to your romantic life. Interesting, isn’t it? To let you feel more recreational and widen your smile into laughter, I will explain to you what romance is.

Romance is the expressive and pleasurable feeling from an emotional attraction toward another person associated with love(Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).Although this can be more intrinsic and natural, it can be enhanced and prevailed by a number of factors, of which, how we decorate our rooms or make them up cannot be excluded.

We can say from the definition that, we decorate not just for a mere fact that we are decorating for decorating  sake; but to express how we feel, making sure that, the way we feel in the display of things that make up decoration in our homes calls for an attraction of love.

Meaning, if somebody  should come to your home and the person feels the place is boring by the kind of decoration made, it means to some extend you are boring yourself, and the purpose of expressing yourself in a very romantic manner would not be achieved. So, how do we do our home decoration to express pleasure and emotionally attract another for love? Doing this is regardless of how big or small your home is, you just have to make use of any available space you have.


The human eye is receptive and attractive to colour; therefore, make sure the colour you are using for your interior decoration is pleasing to the eye. Colour speaks. It communicates with the eye, brains and the heart. This is more psychological, but it works like magic. If somebody wears black top and down and communicates to you that the person is in a sad mood, you should also know that the kind of colour combinations made can shout at a love one and change his or her mood. The colour you use for your decoration purposely to ignite the romance in a partner should be the type which is very warmth.

 From the painting of your wall to the pillow covers, you should be mindful of which colour to use if you seek to spice up your romantic life.Red or wine, undoubtedly is viewed by all, in fact, universally as the colour of romance and love although it is subjected to argument, if it is otherwise, on vals day most people wouldn’t have wore red. HOWEVER, PAINTING YOUR INTERIOR WALL WITH RED WILL BE A CLOWN.IT WILL SHOUT TOO MUCH AT A LOVE ONE AS IT DOMINATES THE WHOLE ROOM.PAITING THE WALLS WITH RED ISN’T AN OPTION.


It is believed that what red does, by causing an opposite reaction in love ones, sea blue, the colour of the sea and the sky can equally match it up. The colour white for painting of walls also signifies the purity and honesty of a love one, and goes a long way to click the romantic trigger in the mind.
Using of colours are more of personal issues.

But as a writer for home decor, I can advise that, for inside walls of your room, be it the bedroom or the hall, go for colours that are not too much loud at people. Always choose colours that give warmth to a guest. After painting your walls with blue or white, you will realize almost every colour will match up with it. You can match up your white wall paintings with light wine curtains all round. The combination of colours becomes red and white.

Still on colour, in the bedroom, the same white, for walls, and wine curtains can be displayed with a white bed spread well laid on the bed. You can choose to give your pillow covers red or colours.
A green flower in a vase kept at the hall can complete the ignition of your romance. Another one at the bed side will not be a bad idea.


Lights reflection on the colours for your decoration made will also add a quota to your romantic life. A darker room will mean no decoration. This is because nothing will be seen that is pleasing to the eye and will call for attraction as romance seeks to achieve. The reflection of lights must also be moderate. A TV news room lighting system which is too high must be avoided.


The bedroom or the sitting room is not a studio or the learning room, so, just something good enough for visibility. Candles on special nights like Vals day can be lit to make the romance interior decoration is after a complete one. A red bulb kept in a lantern by the bed side can also be lit to add up to the combination of colours of the decoration in your room.

Decorating to spice up romance will also mean that, privacy should be taking into consideration during decoration. The windows of your room can be decorated with thicker curtains such that noise from outside will not find its way into the room. Tainted and thick classes can be used for sound proofs in the absence of thicker curtains.

The type of furniture used for your interior decoration is another key element that can spark the romance in you. Arrange your furniture properly. For instance, the living room furniture might have been designed in such a way that, it should be arranged and form a ``U`` SHAPE in the living room. If you go contrary to it the beauty of the room changes. Whatever furniture type you have, expensive or less expensive, just make sure it is neat and simple. Make sure the colour of materials used for the stuffing is of a possible blend to the colours of your room.

The floor colour of your room must not necessarily match with the wall colours; it can match with the leather or material colour of your living room furniture or curtains. The floor can be of tiles to make the room a bit cooler naturally.


Doing all these discussed above in your interior decoration will require some form of creativity and imagination, as to how you really want it in your brain mind; whether you do it by yourself or by a professional. The professional will always do it to the taste of how he or she thinks it will be beautiful for your liking; nevertheless, your preference can make you reject the job, for a reason that, the colours aren’t your favourite. You need to tell the hired personnel the colours you like and creatively be mixed up by the professional. The professional’s job is to do it to your preference and advise you where necessary on your preference, if it is out of order or context.

Can you imagine and create how you would want your interior decoration to be now!, as VALANTINE DAY APPROACHES?I am sure I have been of help to you on how you are going to do your interior decoration by yourself next time. I am sure you will try it this Vals day. Just make sure it SPICES UP YOUR ROMANCE.

Decorating your Home with Flowers

Decorating your Home with Flowers

By:Godwin Kaklie

Decorating a home is something we see to be simple and attractive but needs a lot of attention and preparation to achieve your required type of beauty. Flowers are also another tool that when used in decorating homes looks lively and provides a cozy ambience.

The arrangement of flowers in homes can determine the mood in the house and can illuminate the house.  In order to help you liven up your home, Africa Home Building Show provides you with some steps to help you out. 

1: Water Works

Put flowers in water as soon as you get them home. Fill buckets with tepid water, add floral preservative, and then add flowers.


 2: Must Cut

Cut an inch off the stems using a sharp knife, especially if the flowers will sit a while before being arranged. The fresh cut will help the stems absorb water better.


 3: Water Temp Matters

Warm water helps tightly closed flower heads, such as roses or ranunculus, to open fully. Leave them in water for a day or two before using them.

4: Use Foam

Use florist's foam to keep flowers in place and constantly hydrated so they last longer. Soak the foam for 15 minutes before cutting it to fit the container. Water the foam every couple of days.


 5: Trim, Trim

Recut stems just before adding them to the arrangement. Strip off any leaves that fallbelow the water line.


 6: Picking Flowers

Add large, heavy flowers first turning the arrangement as you work to ensure even placement on all sides. Fill in with smaller, airier blooms, and leave enough space between the stems so individual flowers have room to shine. Include flowers with various shapes and stem lengths.


 7: Height Matters

Make your bouquet taller than its container by about one and a half times. Also, make the width balance the height.

8: Similar Colors

Mix in different textures for a monochromatic arrangement that's interesting to look at.

9: Fill-In

Save larger leaves and stems with leaves on them to fill in around the flowers. Drape some of the greenery over the container's rim.


 10: Proper Placement

Keep flowers away from sunlight and heating vents. Recut stems and add water often.

Enjoy your beautiful home with lovely flowers and fragrance.

Credit: Better Homes and Gardens

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