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Flooring and Structure



If you compromise with the flooring of your building, you put not just your life in jeopardy, but that of others too. The floor of every building is important, as it is the supporting ground for all living and nonliving things.

It is therefore important not to hire the services of any quark or blocks molders who call themselves as building contractors to cause mayhem to the prospective occupants of the building. Qualified and skilled personnel must be contracted for building of the house in general. Flooring, in any form is important and should be done under strict supervision by the building contractor, and with an eagle eye to identify any shoddy work, if there is any, by the hired masons. In just a simple sizeable single room, the floor shows signs of it needed to have been floored properly, if not. Cracks will show anytime there is load on the floor. Other times, just a jump on the floor, your ankle alone can give it a break.

The kind of structure a floor takes becomes more important when the structure is a storey building, say, five or six and more type. With that one, other floors hold the structure of the other through to the last floor. What that means is, if the first floor is weak, and even the third is strong, all the building can be collapsed. That is the result of improper and compromised flooring.

To ensure proper flooring, whatever type of flooring you are doing, be it balcony, that is a floor type that projects another wall for another structure; or, the floating floor, which normally is weightier, because another floor is put on the other, most at times for the purposes of noise reductions, the concrete for the floor must be mixed up well. It must have the necessary percentage of sand, cement and water, so that it would not be porous. It should also be bonded well. Enough time should be allowed for the curing of the floor when concrete is floated on the underlying elements of the floor to take shape.

Of course, every floor like a roof has some underlying elements that supports it and makes it strong. If the floor is the concrete type, it will need some iron rods to be bent and structured as part of the preliminary preparation of the flooring. Fixing it in enhances the strength of the floor. This job of bending iron rods to be part of the flooring is highly professional job that must also be supervised. Otherwise, the concrete will be mixed up , needed cement incorporated into it, still, the building will be collapsed as if somebody actually, demolished it, simply because, it has not got any underlying support.

Whether it is the wood floor, concrete or the stone type, joist (beams) of the floor must also be just the right type to support other floors that the beams projects to.

If you opt for the wooden type of floors, it should also be noted that, the right and durable type of wood should be used. The wooden type of flooring used to be done mostly in the olden days. The same applies to the stone type, and the Germans were dominant in that.

Modern houses hardly floors with stones or wood. Most often, it is the concrete type of flooring that is done. Flooring of any structure is in no way a self do it business. Never trust any do it yourself steps teaching or guiding you to floor your building yourself. If it is not just a stairway plastering you want to do, remember it is disastrous for you to give it a try.

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